Вы сейчас просматриваете Все персонажи из игры Zenless Zone Zero и как их получить.

Все персонажи из игры Zenless Zone Zero и как их получить.

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Zenless Zone Zero is full of unique characters to use, and for those who don’t want to dive too deep into the gacha system, there are plenty of agents that can be acquired for free. Here’s who they are and how to get them.

The latest game from Hoyoverse, Zenless Zone Zero, brings a futuristic twist to the gacha genre. As a proxy hero not participating in battles, you’ll have to help other characters explore the hostile dungeons known as Hollows.

Each fighter has their own gameplay style, and you’ll probably want to experiment with most of them. Despite the banner system in the game, you can add a few characters to your group for free.

All free characters and how to get them

Currently, there are six characters you can get for free in Zenless Zone Zero. You can find a brief description of each in the table below, including their attributes, rank, fighting style, and how to unlock them.

Cunning Hares

Image of Cunning Hares in Zenless Zone Zero.

Battles in Zenless Zone Zero use a three-sided participant system, so the three Cunning Hares: Enbi, Nicole, and Billy become available to players closer to the beginning of the game.

Each of them has their own fighting style that complements each other. Billy can deal damage from a distance with two pistols. Enbi specializes in stunning enemies and attacking with electricity. Lastly, Nicole is suitable for the Support role, directing an ethereal energy field to attract enemies, giving her teammates a great opportunity to deal even more damage.

Ben Bigger

Ben Bigger is the only defense-oriented character you can get for free in Zenless Zone Zero. A sturdy bear who works as an accountant at Belobog Heavy Industries. Thanks to his Special Attack, he can defend himself well with a shield and can also deliver devastating fire attacks.


Corin is a physical character who can use her extendable chainsaw to perform slashing attacks in battle. She can also deal increased damage if any of her party members belong to the Victoria Housekeeping faction or are also physical fighters.


Soukaku is a support squad with the «Ice» attribute. Every time she uses her EX Special, Chain, or Ultimate attack, she gains Vortex charges that can be used to perform Fly the Flag—an attack that deals powerful Ice damage and provides an ATK boost that she can pass on to her teammates if they connect with an Assist or Chain attack.

That’s all the free characters in Zenless Zone Zero for now! We’ll definitely update this page when new free fighters are added to the game. If you’re diving into a new gacha, check out the codes you can use and how Pity works.


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