Вы сейчас просматриваете Сброс трофеев отряда Squad Busters: Полная информация

Сброс трофеев отряда Squad Busters: Полная информация

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Supercell and Squad Busters are moving towards new updates, and along with that, you need to have a lot of trophies to progress through the ranks, conquering new worlds in the game. Trophy reset in Squad Busters is what you need to understand, and to explain the same, I have this guide for you, explaining this system.

To prepare you for the game launch, our team has put together a brief guide on how to level up and activate codes that will help kickstart your journey in the squad. Solve in-game issues with our Support Service guide. For a more in-depth study, we have guides on how to get gold coins, unlock all characters, understand battle mods, and more!

How the Trophy Reset Works in Squad Busters

Squad League

Squad Busters Squad League

With the Icy World Update, significant changes have been made to the trophy system, especially for players in the Squad League. So, with this, anyone above Level 90 and in the Squad League will be reset back to Level 90. Now the Squad League will be at Level 120, meaning you have to go through these 30 levels and reach Level 120.

End of Season Reset and Reset Cap

Changes have also been made to the trophy system with the update. At the end of each season, your trophies will be reset. Well, it’s expected, but it will follow certain rules. This reset is based on a halving mechanism.

  • If you have 2000 trophies, they will be reduced to 1000 trophies.
  • If you have 8000 trophies, they will be reduced to 4000 trophies.

There is a cap on how low your trophies can be reset. The maximum reset limit is 4000 trophies. If you have over 8000 trophies, your trophies will be reset to 4000 trophies. For example, if you have 20,000 trophies, they will not be halved to 10,000 but will be reset to 4000.

This will continue until we get the next update, and if another world is introduced, we might even see another change in the game, which I will update in this section, so stay tuned.

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