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Руководство по рейдам Pokemon Go Yveltal: Слабости и лучшие контрасы

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Yveltal is returning to Pokemon Go as part of the «Season of Legends,» so we have gathered detailed information about its weaknesses, best counters to help you defeat it in 5-star raids, and whether it can be shiny or not.

The bird-like Yveltal, known as the Destruction Pokemon, first appeared in the Kalos region in Pokemon X & Y, and then debuted in Pokemon Go in May 2021. It definitely lives up to its name, having an intimidating design and immense power.

If you haven’t caught it yet or are looking for a shiny version, you will be happy to know that Yveltal is returning to 5-star raids. So, to help you defeat this powerful legendary, here are the best counters to take advantage of Yveltal’s weaknesses.

Yveltal’s Weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Yveltal is a dual Dark and Flying type Pokemon, which means it is weak against Electric, Fairy, Ice, and Rock attacks. You need to focus on moves of these types to have a better chance of defeating it.

On the other hand, Yveltal is immune to Ground and Psychic types and resistant to Ghost, Grass, and Dark types, so avoid using Pokemon of these types in battle.

Another important thing to remember is that Yveltal’s power increases in foggy and windy weather, so it’s best to avoid battling it in such conditions — unless you want a more challenging task.

Yveltal Counters in Pokemon Go

Here are some of the best counters you can use during the battle:

The list includes Mega, Legendary, Shadow, and more common Pokemon, so there is something for trainers of all levels.

However, despite the effectiveness of the listed creatures against Yveltal, you still need to level them up and know the right moves if you want to win the battle.

How to Get Yveltal in Pokemon Go?

Like all other legendary items, the only way to get Yveltal in Pokemon Go is to defeat it in 5-star raids and then catch it using the provided Premier Balls.

Fortunately, this mighty creature is returning to the game thanks to the latest raid rotation, giving players the opportunity to catch it. From June 19, 2024, to June 28, 2024

Pokemon Yveltal

Additionally, it will be featured in two Raid Hours: one on June 19, 2024, and the other on June 26, 2024, from 18:00 to 19:00 local time.

Yveltal will be accompanied by Mega Charizard Y in Mega Raids, and on June 28, 2024, they will be replaced by Ho-Oh and Mega Tyranitar respectively.

Can Yveltal be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Yveltal can be Shiny in Pokemon Go. This version was added during the Fashion Week event in 2022, and players will have the opportunity to find it during the return of the Pokemon.

The colors of Shiny Yveltal are significantly different from the regular version: the red has a deeper tone, and the black details on the wings and tail are white instead of black.

Although legendary raid bosses have a much higher chance of being Shiny than regular wild bosses, it still requires a combination of luck and persistence to find a Shiny Yveltal.

That’s all you need to know about defeating Yveltal. To learn more about legendary Pokemon, check out our guide to each legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go and learn about the best Mega Evolutions and missing Mega Evolutions in the game.


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