Вы сейчас просматриваете Ошибка фрагмента дерева Скадутри мешает игрокам Elden Ring достичь максимального уровня.

Ошибка фрагмента дерева Скадутри мешает игрокам Elden Ring достичь максимального уровня.

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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree introduces a new leveling system using Scadutree fragments. However, due to an error, some players are unable to find all of them.

Those playing Shadow of the Erdtree linearly will soon encounter some tough double boss DLC challenges. To help players increase their stats and become more powerful, they are encouraged to explore the world and find 50 Scadutree fragments.

Consuming them at «Grace Locations» will raise their Scadutree level, but to reach the maximum level, all 50 Scadutree fragments are needed. However, a critical error prevents players from achieving this, essentially forcing them to face some bosses without fully unlocking their power potential.

Тень Эрдтри Фрагмент Скадутри

Scadutree Tree Fragments are blessings that increase your strength.

Some Scadutree Tree fragments are held by eerie shadowy figures carrying pots. These enemies sparkle, making them easily distinguishable from their less significant counterparts. They will also try to flee when they notice you, giving the player a short window to engage, kill them, take the fragment, and then leave.

If a player fails to catch one, it will simply respawn, and the player can try again. However, if a player kills one of these shiny pot carriers but then dies before picking it up, the enemy will respawn, but the Scadutree fragment won’t.

This deprives the player of the opportunity to collect them all, meaning they cannot use all 50 and, therefore, cannot reach the maximum level.

Since the release of the DLC, players have begun to realize this and express their disappointment.

«I honestly can’t believe they didn’t realize this would be a problem, and I’m so damn mad that I’ll literally never be able to get this character to the maximum level in this ng-cycle. What the hell,» wrote one player on Reddit.

Another said, «Welcome to the club, I’m missing a single Scadutree fragment from the Ruins of Rauch too. It’s so painful, considering how little I would have missed otherwise.»

Others wondered why this item needs to be physically picked up, saying, «Why don’t they just send it straight to your inventory? There’s no damn sense in that.»

Some players hope that FromSoftware will address this issue and allow Scadutree fragments to respawn in their clutches, enabling players to try again: «I hope a patch for this will be released soon because it’s pretty stupid that they don’t respawn it if you die before picking it up.»

Most likely, this is just an oversight on the part of the developers, and an upcoming patch will allow players not to be blocked from achieving the maximum level.


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