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Колодец животных: как добыть петарды и победить первого врага

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Animal Well can tell you about finding firecrackers to defeat your first enemy.

In the game, you need to find firecrackers to defeat the first enemy immediately after the first checkpoint.

So, if you want to save time on figuring out where to find them when launching Animal Well, we’ll help you.

How to Get Firecrackers

When you enter the room with the blue ghost to the right of the phone, jump on the ledge right in front of you. Then quickly jump up and to the left to reach the ledge above you.

Make sure to avoid the blue ghost. You can lure the enemy to attack you, move under it and step aside to dodge, giving you more time to escape.

Jump across the platforms here, to the next room, then wait for the moving platform above the phone to approach you and jump on it to reach the next area.

First yellow firecracker button Animal Well

Here you will find your first yellow button. This is one of three that you need to find and press to unlock the path to the firecrackers.

Second yellow firecracker button Animal Well

Press this first button, then jump off the ledge in front of you, moving to the right to land on the ground below you. Here you will find a lever, so use it to lift the platform from the water, then jump to the second yellow button.

To find the third button, you need to go left from the second one and jump into a secret passage. Follow it to descend into another passage and move to the right, then up. Find the third yellow button.

Third yellow button Animal Well Firecrackers

Press it, and you can jump to where the lever is located. Use it again to lift the platform and jump over to go through the newly opened path where the Firecrackers await you.

How to Defeat the Blue Ghost

After you pick up the firecrackers, you will be instructed on which button to press to use them: C for Xbox, Square for PS5, and Y for Switch.

Go left from this room and jump into the next area to find another blue ghost. Simply throw the firecracker and the sound and flashing lights will lead to its disappearance forever.

With it out of the way, go back up and to the right where the first blue ghost is, and use the Firecracker in the same way as before to defeat it.


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