Вы сейчас просматриваете Когда будет следующее событие Monopoly Go Peg-E?

Когда будет следующее событие Monopoly Go Peg-E?

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The Peg-E event in Monopoly Go allows you to play an elegant mini-game similar to a Pachinko machine. If you want to join, here’s when it will happen next.

Peg-E is one of the most unique events in Monopoly Go, full of rewards. Of course, since the game is dice-based, the event will also be unpredictable — those pesky tokens can land in any slot.

Here is all the information about the upcoming Peg-E event and when it may return to Monopoly Go.

Details of the next Peg-E event in Monopoly Go

According to the reliable Go’Rewards app and Monopoly Go wiki, the next Peg-E event in Monopoly Go will air on June 29, 2024. The exact timings are still unknown, but we will inform you when Scopely reveals more information or any additional details.

Peg-E events usually occur twice a month, though the schedule is not fixed. The last one was on June 17, so it’s no surprise that it will return in June. It usually lasts for 4–5 days, and if you want to know when it will start and the exact schedule, bookmark our article on daily events.

Keep in mind that the date is already known, and Scopely has not confirmed its return.

Past Monopoly Go Peg-E events

Here are some past Peg-E events featured in Monopoly Go this year:

What is the Peg-E event in Monopoly Go?

Peg-E event in Monopoly Go

Hit the bumpers frequently, and you will receive corresponding rewards.

In Monopoly Go Peg-E, you play a mini-game similar to Pachinko. Here, you drop tokens from the top, and they bounce around before falling into reward slots. Keep doing this, and you will reach different levels, each associated with rewards.

As for tokens, you earn them just like with any other major event in the game — through quick wins, events, tournaments, and landing on tiles.

What happens to the leftover Peg-E tokens in Monopoly Go?

Like any other major event in Monopoly Go, all remaining Peg-E tokens will be converted into either cash or dice rolls. They will be converted immediately after the event, so if you have leftovers from the past, you have already received your contributions.

That’s all about the Peg-E event in Monopoly Go. You’ll need tons of dice ready for this, so here are daily links to dice, as well as all the ways to get them.


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