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Каждый играбельный грабитель в Payday 3

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Payday 3 features a variety of vibrant characters that will bring you joy. But how many game robbers are available, and will more of them join in future updates?

The Payday franchise has many fun characters. Both games feature over 20 different game characters of various nationalities, genders, and personalities.

Payday 3 has returned to a more grounded theme, rather than the silly tone it adopted in the last years of its predecessor’s life. So not all robbers from Payday 2 appear in the new game.

Here is every robber who appears as a game character in Payday 3.

All Payday 3 Heisters

Payday 3 currently features six game robbers, and one more will be added in the upcoming Boys in Blue update:

  • Dallas
  • Chains
  • Wolf
  • Houston
  • Joy
  • Pearl
  • Clover (will be introduced with the Boys In Blue update)

Additionally, according to the FAQ for Payday 3, Simon Kerr, Pete Gold, Damien Puat, and Siu-Si Hung have reprised their roles as Dallas, Houston, Chains, and Joy, respectively. Wolf is voiced by Niklas Berglund, replacing Ulf Andersson.

list of characters from Payday 3

Pearl, on the other hand, is a completely new character introduced in Payday 3. In the game, she is described as a «master swindler and spy.» She is voiced by Rebecca LaChance, who also voiced characters in Horizon Forbidden West and Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

What New Heisters Could Be Coming in the Future?

Aoife Duffin will once again play the role of Clover, another fan favorite from Payday 2, in the upcoming Boys In Blue expansion, set to release on June 27, 2024. Although it will come with the expansion, she will be available to all players for free along with her signature weapon.

Additional characters may be added later. Payday 2 launched with only four heists, but another 18 were added in later DLCs and content updates. According to the Dragan Files, which first teased Clover, there is room for at least two more secret robbers in future content updates.

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