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Как получить все награды Trident X COD в Modern Warfare 3 и Warzone

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Trident Gum partnered with Call of Duty to release free exclusive cosmetic items for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, but they are only available in certain countries in South America — here’s how you can get them from anywhere in the world.

Advertising rewards are not new for Call of Duty: other brands, such as Burger King and Monster, offer their own advertising cosmetics as part of a partnership with the popular franchise.

Now it’s Trident’s turn, but these cosmetic items — a blueprint, amulet, and double XP token — are only sold in certain countries in South America: Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Costa Rica in Central America.

However, you can easily unlock them from anywhere in the world, as this method has been tested and successfully applied in the UK, USA, and other countries.

Trident Gum Ramsey 7 Blueprint in Modern Warfare 3

Trident’s rewards include the thematic RAM-7 blueprint.

To get Trident Gum cosmetic items in MW3 and Warzone, follow these steps:

  1. Visit tridentxcod.co.
  2. Choose «Conoce Cómo» (or «Learn How» if you are translating to English).
  3. Choose «Registrarme» (or «Sign Up» if translating to English).
  4. In the top field, select any available country — it doesn’t matter which one.
  5. In the second field, write your name.
  6. In the third line with two fields, simply select ANY type of documentation and enter a random number.
  7. In the last field, enter your email address.
  8. Finally, choose «Registrarme» (or «Sign Up»).

After that, you should receive an email with a code. Log in to callofduty.com/redeem and enter the code, indicate which platform you are on, and the cosmetic rewards will be added to your account.

All Trident x COD Rewards

By following the steps above, you will unlock the following cosmetic rewards for use in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone:

  • 30 minutes 2XP
  • Trident-X Charm Weapon Charm
  • TRD-X RAM-7 Blueprint

It is unclear whether Trident/Call of Duty will close this loophole to give the rewards a more exclusive look, but at the time of writing this article, these Trident COD rewards are still available for free unlocking to anyone interested.


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