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Как получить токены в игре Monopoly Go Aqua Partners

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All Monopoly Go partner events have an exclusive token tied to the event, and you’ll need a big catch to get all the rewards. For Aqua partners, the token is Shell, and the token can be obtained from multiple sources.

Despite Aqua Partners being a five-day event ending on June 27, time may be insufficient to get the grand prize. How far you can go depends on how many tokens you can collect and spin the wheel to earn points.

If you check the following places for tokens, you should get enough to pass the event or at least contribute your share to 80,000 points.

How to Get Aqua Partners Shell Tokens in Monopoly Go

In Monopoly Go, there are four main and possibly only sources of Aqua Partners tokens: Quick Wins, Events, Board, and Free Gift.

Quick Wins

Quick Wins in Monopoly Go

After completing each Quick Win task, you will receive a different number of projectiles.

Quick Wins are essentially your daily tasks in Monopoly Go. Each time a partner event is held, completing any tasks also brings exclusive partner tokens. You will see the «WINS» button in the lower left corner of the game, click on it to open the tab and see the challenges.

These tasks are almost always simple, such as «Collect Money» or «Roll 5 times.» If you complete them within enough days and advance the weekly scale, you will receive a purple package. This is one of the most generous but simple ways to accumulate a decent amount of tokens.

Events and Tournaments

Events and leaderboards are another excellent source of tokens. But be careful: not all of them reward tokens, and it may not be worth it to pursue them in Monopoly Go. First, check all stages and rewards, and then decide if it’s worth chasing them.

Take, for example, the «Ecological Adventure,» which will take place on June 22–24. It has a whopping 2140 tokens, as it coincides with the start of the Aqua Partners event in Monopoly Go. You can keep track of these events in our daily events hub.

Collect Through Board

During the board event, tokens will be scattered, and if you land on a tile, you will receive them as a reward, depending on the dice multiplier. Always keep the multiplier somewhere around 10–20 to maximize benefits when landing and not lose too much if it doesn’t happen.

Since rolling is the foundation of the game, you will collect them without the need to pursue or plan anything. We recommend doing this whenever there are events that will help you get the best, especially in the first few days of partner events when there is no rush.

Free Gift

Free Gifts in Monopoly Go Aqua Partners

Free gifts always contain event-specific tokens for both partners and «Treasure» events.

Free gifts in the store are another way to add these tokens to your account. Although they can be claimed every eight hours and give a small amount — beggars can’t be choosers. Go to the store, and at the top, you will see «Free Gift.»

Aside from that, the only other way to get them is through «Partner Gifts.» Whenever someone rolls, a «Partner» will be on the wheel, and if they stop there, your friend will receive a few tokens. If everyone keeps rolling, you will get some good gifts, but it’s not in your favor.

What Happens to the Leftover Partner Event Tokens in Monopoly Go?

All extra tokens you collected during the Aqua Partners event in Monopoly Go will be converted into cash. So don’t worry if you have a lot of extras; you will swim in cash later.

That’s all about getting partner tokens in Monopoly Go. Dice are always important because no matter what game you play, the only way to progress is by rolling, so here are links to dice and plenty of ways to get them.


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