Вы сейчас просматриваете Как получить дистанционные взрывчатки в Fortnite Глава 5 Сезон 3

Как получить дистанционные взрывчатки в Fortnite Глава 5 Сезон 3

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Remote Explosives have returned to the Fortnite loot pool after being removed from storage by update 30.20. Here’s everything you need to know about this in-game item.

Remote Explosives, the C4 version for Fortnite, was introduced in the third season of the Battle Royale mode. After the weapon was removed from storage in Chapter 4 of the OG season, it has been in the content vault since the beginning of the return season.

However, update 30.20 brings back the explosive device, and this is the perfect time as Chapter 5 in the third season was vehicle-heavy with plenty of transportation options.

How to get Remote Explosives in Fortnite

Remote Explosives can be found through ground loot or in chests, like most items in Battle Royale. If you can’t find them through these two methods, you can purchase them directly from John Wick in the area southwest of Nitrodom for 180 gold bars..

Remote Explosives in Fortnite gameplay

Players can carry up to six Remote Explosives in a stack. To use them, simply throw them with the aim button or key combination, and then detonate them with the fire button.

As previously mentioned, since Chapter 5 Season 3 is dedicated to vehicles, the return of items like the Bunker Bomb and Remote Explosives in Fortnite will be the perfect counter. You can place the explosives on a vehicle as a trap or set them up as a kind of «close-range mine.»

This is not the only thing that came in update 30.20. The Heavy Assault Sniper also joined the loot pool, so make sure to keep an eye out for that. We also have guides on how to play the OG Reload mode, as well as all the changes in weapon swapping and upgrades that occurred this season.


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