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Как получить благосклонность Мистры в Baldur’s Gate 3

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Мистра’s Benevolence in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a hidden positive effect that you can obtain and use in the toughest battles of the second act. Here are the details.

How to Get Mystra's Benevolence in Baldur’s Gate 3

How to Get Mystra’s Benevolence in Baldur’s Gate 3

To get Mystra’s Favor, you must explore and destroy the ritual circle in Balthazar’s secret room in the Moonrise Towers along with Gale.

Coldbrim Hat in Baldur's Gate 3 - in Balthazar's Chambers map location.

In the second act of the game, while exploring the Moonrise Towers located in the southwest of the map, you will come across a distinctive room on the first floor, adjacent to the Library. If you talk to Zere, the disciple, she will tell you that it belongs to Balthazar. You can convince her to give you the key to this room and allow you to enter.

Balthazar is an experienced necromancer whom Ketrick sent in search of the Night Song. To find his room, you need to go to the second floor of the Moonrise Tower. The staircase is behind Ketrick’s throne in the throne room, which is located in the central part of the towers. Once upstairs, turn right and pass through the library to reach Balthazar’s Chambers. Be careful, as the room is filled with traps.

How to Get Coldbrim Hat in Baldur's Gate 3

Behind the bookcase, there is a secret room. To open it, find a human heart, interact with the pedestal next to the bookshelf, and insert the heart.

What to do with Balthazar's Ritual Circle?

Upon entering the room, you will discover various interesting items and information about the famous necromancer. Additionally, on the table to the right is Balthazar’s ritual circle. If Gale is in your party, he will explain the mechanics of the Shadow Lantern and its connection to Mystra.

Mystra's Benevolence from Ritual Circle

If you allow Gale to destroy it, he will gain the permanent bonus «Mystra’s Benevolence.» This gives him an advantage in concentration checks until the next long rest. Since the bonus is not permanent, it can be helpful before the final battle or if you know there is a tough fight coming up.

Note: If your character or any other party member destroys Balthazar’s ritual circle, you will not receive any benefits or additional bonuses; Gale must be in your party.

Should You Get Mystra’s Benevolence?

If you pay attention to the conversation between Gale and your character, you will learn that another option is to create the Shadow Lantern. While Mystra’s Benevolence is a significant advantage, it only lasts until you rest. It will be useful for a short time, especially in upcoming tough battles. However, it would probably be more beneficial to get a unique weapon with an additional summoning pet for your group.

Shadow Lantern Summon Shadow BG3

The Shadow Lantern is a variation of the Moon Lantern, but it does not protect against the shadow curse. Instead, it allows the user to cast a 6th level necromancy spell «Summon Shadow Lantern Ghost» once per long rest. Unlike the regular Moon Lantern, the Shadow Lantern should be equipped in a weapon slot, not a torch slot. Therefore, it has a modifier of 1d4 + Strength and deals bludgeoning damage.

To create the Lantern, you will need to use Gale and interact with the ritual circle in the room. Attempting to use any other character will result in Gale commenting on the impracticality of the idea. Additionally, you must pass an Intelligence check with a DC of 30 in the skill of Arcana. Therefore, using Gale for this task is the optimal choice.

Combine the Dead Pixie with the Broken Moon Lantern to create the Shadow Lantern in Balthazar’s ritual circle.

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