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Как победить Реллану Twin Moon Knight в Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

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Rellana, the Twin Moon Knight, is the second major boss in the Legacy dungeons in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. Here’s how to defeat her.

After defeating the Dancing Lion and passing through the Ensus Castle in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, you will eventually face the powerful Karian Knight — and he has a very familiar combat style and name. Rellana, not to be confused with Rennala, is the younger sister of the defeated Karian Queen.

However, for unknown reasons, Rellana followed Mesmer Tsepush into the Lands of Shadows and stayed there even after the Devastating War, the fall of her home, and the rest of the Golden Order. Now this warrior princess stands in your way, and, since this is Elden Ring, there is only one way to resolve the situation.

Here’s how to defeat Rellana, the Twin Moon Knight in Shadow of the Erdtree.


Rellana's boss

How to Find Rellana

Finding Rellana is actually quite easy: just go through Ensus Castle until you reach the last Grace Point. Rellana is in the final part of this dungeon, and you will know that a boss is approaching by two golden summon signs on the ground in front of the entrance.

These summon signs will allow you to hire two Mikella Followers to help you in the boss battle. It’s your choice, and each NPC will be a valuable ally and will distract Rellana. Just keep in mind that the boss will receive a huge increase in health and power from each ally you bring.

If the boss turns out to be difficult, consider bringing only one NPC ally — this is our recommendation, as the additional pair of hands is not worth the strengthening she gets. Or use only spirit summons, as Rellana does not receive any positive effects from their use.

How to Defeat Twin Moon Knight Rellana

Veteran Souls players fighting Rellana might be reminded of Knight Artorias from Dark Souls 1 or Pontiff Sulyvahn from Dark Souls 3, and the boss does indeed have some similarities to each of them.

Like Artorias, Rellana is a powerful knight, swift, and can not only strike you with her blade, but also cover the arena with area attacks and can quickly jump from one side of the battlefield to the other. Like Pontiff Sulyvahn, Rellana uses two swords, each infused with different magic.

Her first sword — a tribute to her Karian origin and filled with Glintstone Magic, while her other sword burns with the flames of its owner, Mesmer Tsepush. So arm yourself against Glintstone, Fire, and physical damage as these are her three main forms of attack.

Rellana is also resistant to Glintstone and fire damage, so if you are a caster who mainly uses these spells, consider switching to lightning attacks, as that is what she is weak against. If you are a melee fighter, consider enchanting your weapon with lightning to deal more damage to her.

If your build uses shields, consider using Karian Retaliation with you, as this will allow you to reflect her Glintstone spells, giving you an advantage. Try this only if you already plan to use a shield, otherwise it will complicate your strategy.

Rellana, ring of fire

Twin Moon Knight Rellana: Phase 1

In her first phase, Rellana delivers a lot of sweeping slashing combos, which, fortunately, are mostly not imbued with magic. If you feel daring, you can try to parry her, but we recommend dodging her attacks, standing behind her, and striking while she recovers.

If she is at a distance from you, she may slice her sword, creating several Glintstone arcs that are easy to dodge and can be rolled to counterattack. However, we would advise you to try to stay behind her as you will have more windows to punish her while she recovers or repositions.

Be very careful with her Phalanx of Glintstone attack, as while these little blue swords hover above your head, you are in great danger. Dodge and evade until they disappear, then resume your attack. Don’t make yourself a sitting duck for this attack, as it will likely lead to instant death. Be patient and resume the battle as soon as the danger from above is gone.

Once you bring Rellana’s health down to 50%, she will move on to her second phase of the battle.

Rellana: Phase 2

In the second phase, Rellana will start using Mesmer’s flames against you and will begin to employ fire attacks. She will also become much more aggressive and infuse her swords with shimmering stone and fire magic. Most of her slashing attacks will now also be spells, as Rellana will start swinging with huge magical swords or explosive spinning combos.

At this stage, she becomes more difficult to dodge and parry, so be vigilant and remember that her attacks now deal much more area damage. This means that getting away from her is not always the safest option, so you are still advised to try to stay behind her. If she focuses on an NPC ally or on your spirit summon, use those precious seconds. Just remember, she can spin and change targets instantly.

Her second phase will also make Rellana use lunar magic against you (after all, she is a Karian princess). This attack is well-telegraphed but deals massive AoE damage that can lead to the death of your remaining NPC allies and spirit summons. Get out of the attack area or roll through the explosions, then return to her once you are freed, as you will be able to land a few hits on Rellana when she recoils.

Rellana poses a serious challenge even for experienced Souls players and is significantly more difficult than the first DLC boss, but keep cool, learn her attacks, and exploit many of the weaknesses in her game, and you will find that victory will come.

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