Вы сейчас просматриваете Как играть в Monopoly Go Aqua Partners — расписание и все награды

Как играть в Monopoly Go Aqua Partners — расписание и все награды

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Aqua Partners is a brand new water-themed partnership event in Monopoly Go. If you’re confused, here’s a brief guide to the event, including all the rewards.

It’s time to gather a team and start playing Monopoly Go as the partnership event returns. Like in previous events, the more nuanced gameplay in Acqua Partner continues where you earn tokens and points to reach this milestone.

Everything about Aqua Partners is here — from rewards to how to play.

Monopoly Go Aqua Partners Program Start and End Date

The Monopoly Go Aqua Partners event starts on June 22 and will last until June 27, 2024. Here are the exact start and end times of the event:

  • Start time: June 22, 2024, 7:30 AM Central Time / 8:30 AM Eastern Time / 5:30 AM Pacific Time / 1:30 PM British Standard Time.
  • End time: June 27, 2024, 2:59 PM Central Time / 3:59 PM Eastern Time / 12:59 PM Pacific Time / 8:59 PM British Standard Time.

It will last for five days, like most previous partnership events. There should be enough time to see you through all the rewards, provided you and all your friends pull your weight.

How to Play Monopoly Go Aqua Partners Event

In the Aqua Partners event in Monopoly Go, you will need to team up with four other players to build various attractions on the board, earning points and working towards a specific milestone. You can play with random players or invite them from your friends list to team up. Remember, once added, you cannot change your team members.

Once the event starts, four new blocks will appear in the center of the board where different attractions will be built. To build them, you’ll need to accumulate points, and to do that, you’ll need to spin the wheel. However, spinning the wheel requires tokens. Tokens are scattered across the board and are also given as rewards in other events when Aqua Partners is active.

The essence is to team up, roll the dice, collect tokens, use tokens to spin the wheel, earn points, and build attractions using the points.

Aqua Partners Event, All Milestones and Rewards

Here are the rewards for each milestone in one slot, as well as the main prize for completing all four slots in the Monopoly Go Aqua Partners event:

You will need 80,000 points to fill one partner slot, which means you will need to fill all partner slots and accumulate a colossal 320,000 points for the main prize. That’s why it’s so important to assemble the right team.

Tips for Aqua Partners Events in Monopoly Go

There is no single winning strategy for the Monopoly Go Aqua Partners event or any other partnership event. Only two things will make or break the event for you—dice rolls and team members.

If all your friends earn their keep, i.e., earn 80,000 points each, you won’t have to exert yourself much during the event. One way to ensure you easily reach this point is if you have tons of dice rolls (our daily free dice links will help you with that). Instead of relying on random events, you can try LFG on the official Discord or Reddit.

Tokens are another valuable thing. Although you can collect them by simply rolling the dice, that alone is not enough. Therefore, make sure to participate in all big and small events, as many of them will reward tokens upon reaching specific milestones.

We also recommend rolling the dice only if you can earn tokens during events; otherwise, it’s better to save the dice. To keep track of events, check out our daily event guide.

You can also collect a decent amount of tokens and turn the multiplayer setting around a bit. Otherwise, you’ll have less chance of scoring high, and it will be a snooze fest.

How to Get Fish Bowls Tokens in Monopoly Go Aqua Partners

Fish Bowls are special tokens in Aqua Partners that you will need to spin the wheel during the event. The ways to acquire them are the same as for any other partnership event, here’s the list:

  • Quick Wins.
  • Rewards for stages in events and tournaments with leaderboards.
  • Land on tiles that have them as a reward.

These are practically the most consistent methods of getting tokens.

That’s all about the Aqua Partners event in Monopoly Go. To learn more about the game, check out all the details of the current sticker album and how to get more dice (which will definitely come in handy for the event).


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