Вы сейчас просматриваете Disney Dreamlight Valley Memory Mania event: Все, что мы знаем

Disney Dreamlight Valley Memory Mania event: Все, что мы знаем

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is hosting a brand new event as part of The Lucky Dragon update, this time in honor of the release of Inside Out 2. Here’s everything we know about this event, as well as how you can participate and get the most out of it.

Whether it’s long-awaited characters, new quality of life changes, or an exciting Star Path, Disney Dreamlight Valley will definitely do everything in its power in its upcoming The Lucky Dragon update. However, the new features are not limited to the update: a completely new event has been announced, also known as «Memory Mania.»

The «Memory Mania» event is dedicated to the release of Inside Out 2 and promises many exclusive rewards that can only be obtained during the celebration. So, to make sure you get all the rewards, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Disney Dreamlight Valley event.

Memory Mania Event Dates

Image of Disney Dreamlight Valley keyboard.

The «Memory Mania» event at Disney Dreamlight Valley will start on June 26, 2024, and end on July 17. This means you will have only three weeks to get exclusive rewards.

The Inside Out 2 gaming event will take place simultaneously with the free update, so there will be many opportunities to complete quests and unlock new characters at the same time.

How to Participate in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Memory Mania

When the event is active, players will be able to participate by looking for daily event items that will help complete memories.

Although the event has not started yet, it is likely that the item will create a memory sphere, which in turn will add puzzles. By completing the memory, you will unlock a new exclusive emotional-themed animal companion inspired by Inside Out 2.

All Exclusive Rewards

Thanks to the announcement of the event on the X account of Disney Dreamlight Valley, we were able to get a look at two animal companions. However, as more information becomes available, we will update this article so you know about all the rewards you can get.

At the moment, the following rewards have been revealed:

That’s all we know about the new Disney Dreamlight Valley Memory Mania event. As you prepare your Valley for the release, check out our recipe guide and learn how to unlock all the Disney Dreamlight Valley characters to have the best places to look for new items.


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