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Дисней Дримлайт Волли Ше Реми Мобайл объяснен

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has expanded its restaurant offerings with a delivery service called Chez Remy Mobile, so here’s how it works and how to unlock it.

The Lucky Dragon update introduces another reason to prepare some of the game’s many recipes with repeatable quests called «Remy’s Special Deliveries.»

These quests are designed to test the player’s culinary skills by assigning them to prepare food and deliver it to the villagers. The catch is that you won’t be given recipes; you’ll have to figure out how to cook the dish according to the request.

By doing this, you will receive a new material called Forged Iron that can be used to craft Parisian-style furniture.

Here’s how to complete the quest to unlock Chez Remy Mobile and how to accept and complete the repeatable quests «Remy’s Special Deliveries.»

How to Complete «Bon Appétit» and Unlock Chez Remy Mobile

disney dreamlight valley crez remy mobile quest

To unlock Chez Remy Mobile and start doing Remy’s Special Deliveries, you first need to complete the Bon Appétit task.

First, talk to Remy to get the mysterious menu. Check it in your inventory, then return to him.

After that, you will need to prepare and deliver several free samples for the village residents to taste the new Remy service:

  • Icy food for Elsa
  • Dessert for Belle
  • Fish dinner for Nala
  • 5-star lunch for Ariel

Once you deliver them, return to Remy, who will give you six pieces of the new material called «Forged Iron» and ask you to craft and place new furniture.

There are four options available:

  • Parisian chair — 5 Forged Iron
  • Parisian table — 5 Forged Iron
  • Elegant Parisian chair — 15 Forged Iron
  • Elegant Parisian table — 15 Forged Iron

Fortunately, you only need to create one of these items to complete the quest, so we recommend making one of the chairs with the Forged Iron given to you by Remy.

Once you place it, return to Remy. He will reward you with three pieces of Forged Iron and ask you to come back daily to complete new quests.

How to Complete Remy’s Special Deliveries

After completing «Bon Appétit,» you will be able to make daily deliveries at Chez Remy. We will update this page with more specific information on how to accept and complete these repeatable quests.

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